There really is only one Beyonce. Somehow, someway, she has taken over music completely; from being half of music’s most powerful couple and having sold-out shows to hanging out with the president and releasing an album overnight—out of nowhere.

Now, remember what I just said: there is only one Beyonce. Only Beyonce can succeed in releasing an album overnight, completely shutting down the Internet (read: everyone, everywhere was talking about this album’s release). Releasing an album out of nowhere may have existed before Beyonce, but no one did it anywhere near the level that she did.

iTunes was completely taken over by ads and links to Beyonce’s album. You couldn’t go on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter without someone mentioning it in some capacity. Overnight, Beyonce went from Queen Bey to Goddess Bey. She completely and utterly won everything.

Mind you, this is coming someone who can’t stand anything Beyonce puts out, but respect is due where respect is due. She is not only a great artist but also a great businesswoman. It was expected that many others would start following in her steps, and it only took a couple of months for artists from every genre to start dropping albums “unannounced.”


But now, it’s a lot more common than it really should be. Beyonce could pull it off because, well, she’s Beyonce. Releasing an album overnight is now even referred to as “pulling a Beyonce.” She won, and all the others trying to cash in are just failing.

It doesn’t look to be slowing down at all, however.

In February, Kid Cudi dropped “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother-Moon” overnight and it got press. It just popped up on iTunes overnight and a couple of places reported on how Kid Cudi “pulled a Beyonce” and released an album. iTunes gave it a banner and tried to lift its sales.

Yet, as we all know, Kid Cudi isn’t Beyonce. His fans probably thought it was awesome, but outside of that no one cared. The same thing happened when Skrillex released “Recess” a week early in March. By the time March came and went another artist, Wolfmother, would release “New Crown” for download on their Bandcamp. Again, completely out of nowhere.

The same thing happened in books many years back when Twilight first became popular. Within a year, vampire and undead love story books popped up absolutely everywhere. Every author wanted to try and cash in on the new fad. It also happened in video games after Call of Duty got popular. Knock-off military games popped up everywhere.

Everyone tries to cash in on the big bucks, but unless you’re Beyonce, Call of Duty or Twilight it’s not going to work. You’re not going to find the success that Queen Bey did.


If you’re not first, you’re last. Even Nicki Minaj, with all of her pull ability, won’t succeed. She has recently been teasing a Beyonce-styled release for “The Pink Print” on Twitter. She has hinted over and over again that it will just show up one day, unannounced. With tweets like “U may not know how… U may not know when… Just know…”

iTunes also recently announced that they teamed up with a famous artist to have a Beyonce-styled release sometime this year. Whether or not that is or isn’t Nicki doesn’t matter, because it’s not going to succeed, at least not in the same way Beyonce’s did.

No one cared this last week when Colbie Caillat dropped “Gypsy Heart Side A.” Actually, I have good reason to believe this is the first time you’re even hearing about her new album. She went extinct in the music world a long time ago. “Pulling a Beyonce” won’t help a dead career.

This whole dropping an album out of nowhere thing needs to stop, but sadly it isn’t slowing down at all. More and more artists are hopping on the train to try and build some fame, and they’re failing.

Unless you’re Beyonce, you should just start releasing some singles.

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