Take out your calendar and mark this day, because electronic dance music has officially taken over in the music industry and pop culture. These days, whether you’re watching your favorite TV show or listening to the Top 40 countdown, chances are you will hear some semblance of EDM. It’s no longer a trend of the underground scene, and some people don’t realize the takeover because it’s been slowly ingrained in pop music for the past five years. Artists such as Lady Gaga and Ke$ha made a name for themselves with including electronic sounds in their early music, and Lil Jon was able to become relevant again by combining his hip-hop with EDM in his hit songs “Turn Down for What” and “Shots.”

It seems as though popular music today can’t become a hit without the assistance of some sort of EDM beat. Let’s face it though; EDM is taking no prisoners with its takeover of the music scene. Gone are the days of bubblegum pop songs of the ’90s and early ’00’s. Disney is catching on to the trend as well, having Radio Disney artists create pop songs with an electronic mix (allowing kids to become well-versed in EDM. They also put out the “DConstructed” album last month, which features remixes of Disney’s classic songs by some of the world’s biggest electronic producers. Even at Warped Tour this year there are several acts that use electronic music and combine it with pop, hip-hop or rock. As a fan of music, to see other artists experimenting with their music and creating different sounds with electronic music is refreshing; it’s giving that bubblegum pop music a rebirth.

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Saturday Night Live has also caught on to EDM’s popularity. In the season finale this past Saturday, former cast member Andy Samberg hosted and brought the rest of The Lonely Island fellas with him to reincarnate their famous Digital Shorts in Davvincii, where Samberg played a popular EDM DJ at a club. The skit poked fun at the genre by overdramatizing the anticipation that builds before a big drop. It also mocked EDM DJs by showing “Davvincii” pressing a bunch of buttons on a computer while doing various other things, like eat pizza, draw pictures and play Jenga. And, while this skit could have (and has) been taken offensively, I think it’s actually a true form of flattery. It was a hilarious perspective of the EDM scene, and you know you’ve made it when SNL is spoofing you. Other TV shows have caught on as well. How I Met Your Mother shined light on EDM with one  episode surrounding Barney’s quest to find a female companion for the night in EDM-heavy clubs. It’s undeniably becoming a facet in everyday life for the young adult audience.

With any trend, however, there are the music elitists who look at the mainstream in a negative way. I have three words for these hipsters: Get over yourselves. Not only are these famous DJs and producers integrating EDM into your everyday life, they are giving the underground veterans and brand new artists alike the chance to gain real success with their talent—yes, talent.

No matter how many times you visit Starbucks and wear your fake glasses, electronic music isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—EDM is here to stay.

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